Course Image Your Calling, Your Livelihood, Your Life

What work calls to you as your own as this point in your life? How can you develop a livelihood — or transform your current livelihood — with your deepest vision, values and voice? In this class, you’ll explore long-term conversations with your callings (in our art, work and life), approaches for exploring and revising myths and messages about who you should be, cultivating spaciousness for your deepest work, hunting and gathering sources and supports, making the work you love come true, and staying engaged with your life’s work as your life shifts and unfolds. This class includes writing and other arts to bring more of your dreams to the surface as well as soulful planning tools. By the end of the class, you will have a body of writing, plans and maps, and other arts and tools to guide your life from the heart of your callings.

During the class, we'll look at how to expand and deepen the lifelong conversation with your calling, and then how to translate your callings into your livelihood and life. Participants will explore what they're doing with/in their lives, what changes they want to make to live more authentically and how to change patterns and old storylines through weekly writing prompts, plus podcasts or videos to instruct and inspire. This is an ideal class if you're considering or making changes in your avocation or vocation, wanting to deepen your art or work or writing or relationships, preparing to put yourself out there in your community more, or just ready to sit down and have a long and artful talk with your calling.